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Stanley and Sons is a wholesale nursery with one of the greatest collections of true dwarf and miniature conifers. We are committed to providing these plants to garden centers, arboretums and collectors around the world. Larry Stanley, owner, has been collecting dwarf and miniature conifers for over 30 years and is well known in the industry for his plant knowledge.


Here are just a few of the many ways to use dwarf and miniature conifers in your own gardens. See below for news and events that are happening at Stanley and Sons Nursery.


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It is a busy time of year around the nursery all sorts of new dwarf and miniature conifers becoming ready for sale. Our inventory is changing daily please check it out and get your orders in quick.
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Dwarf and Miniature Conifer Buying Programs

Not quite sure what to buy? Stanley and Sons Nursery has you covered with our dwarf and miniature conifer buying programs. Each program is already set to meet our minimums and are broken down by USDA zone. Tell us how many of each program you want and we will do the rest.
Dwarf and Miniature Conifer Buying Programs

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Below are just two of the many plants sold at Stanley and Sons Nursery.


Abies koreana `Kohouts Icebreaker'

This miniature Korean fir form a round disk with silver foliage. The stems and leaves look like buds and grows one inch a year. Icebreaker was found by Jorge Kohout in eastern Germany and is a witches' broom from an Abies koreana `Horstmann Silberlocke'.

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Cham obtusa `Hage'

A miniature form of Japanese Hinoki Cypress. Leaves rich green on small tear shaped leaves that grow 1 inch a year. Very tight upright cone. First introduced around 1928 by WM Hage & Co Nursery. Boskoop Holland.

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