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A collection of fun and interesting ways to use dwarf and miniature conifers, upcoming events and news.

Dwarf and Minature Conifer Programs

To make you purchasing easy for your garden center or nursery we have created a group of buying programs that are broken down by USDA zone. These programs are built with available material which is ever changing. Use the link below to see what is currently in each collection.
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Fairy Gardens with Miniature Conifers

Fairy Gardening is one of the fastest growing areas to use miniature conifers. These special little gardens can be easily and quickly built just about anywhere. All you need are some is great miniature conifers and some tiny decorations to turn a simple deck container into a magical garden scene. See our Pinterest boards and Facebook page for more inspiration!

Port Orford Cedars on Disease-Resistant(DR) Root Stock

When you read our availability and see DR next to the product size that means that product is grafted on the Disease Resistant Root Stock. Currently have Cham lawsoniana `Blue Gem`, Cham lawsoniana `Blue Surprise`, Cham lawsoniana `Snow White`, and Cham lawsoniana `Azura` that are all in 1-gallon cans and are reaching nearly 3 feet tall.
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