Buying Programs for Miniature and Dwarf Conifers

To make purchasing easy for your garden center or nursery we have created a group of buying programs that are broken down by USDA zone. These programs are built with available material and can change from year to year.

All we need from you is to know which program and the number of boxes you would like. You can also provide us with your zone and the number of boxes you would like and we will send the appropriate package.

Miniature and Dwarf Conifers

Our collections of true dwarf and miniature conifers are great Point of Sale items. They come ready for sale with barcoded tags and dressed with decorative granite, which can be omitted, if desired.

A dwarf conifer is defined by the American Conifer Soicety as a conifer that grows 1-6 inches a year. A miniature conifer is any conifer that grows less than 1 inch a year.

A Example Dwarf and Miniature Flat

There are many uses for these small plants. Some of the options are: fairy gardening, bonsai starts, container growing, railroad gardens, troughs, and rock gardening.

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Conifer Collectors Corner

This is a group of 30 conifers in one gallon containers. These plants are hardy to zones 4-5 and offer a excellent variety of color and rare conifers.

Small Example of Conifer Collectors Corner

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