Conifer Collectors Corner Collections

The following collections are 1 gallon containers for rare and unusual plant materials. There are dwarf conifers as well conifers that grow much faster. These collections make up our buying programs and are broken up by USDA zone. Prices appear when you are logged in.

Collector's Corner - Conifers 30 Plants, zone 4-5 - CCC 0034
Latin NameSizeQuantityPrice
Cham obtusa `Compacta'1 GAL1 
Cham obtusa `Kosteri'1 GAL1 
Cham obtusa `Nana Gracilis'1 GAL1 
Cham pisifera `Baby Blue Ice'1 GAL1 
Cham pisifera `Curly Tops'1 GAL1 
Cham pisifera `Juniperoides Aurea'1 GAL1 
Cham pisifera `Plumosa Compressa Aurea'1 GAL1 
Cham pisifera `Snow'1 GAL1 
Picea abies `Acrocona'1 GAL1 
Picea abies `Columnaris'1 GAL1 
Picea abies `Gold Drift'1 GAL1 
Picea bicolor `Howell's Dwarf'1 GAL1 
Picea omorika `Osmaston #1'1 GAL1 
Picea orientalis `Compacta'1 GAL1 
Picea pungens `Iseli's Fastigiata'1 GAL1 
Picea pungens `The Blues'1 GAL1 
Picea rubens `HB'1 GAL1 
Picea X Mariorika `Machala'1 GAL1 
Pinus dens `Burke's Red Variegated'1 GAL1 
Pinus dens `Vibrant'1 GAL1 
Pinus flexilis `Vanderwolf Pyrimid'1 GAL1 
Pinus parviflora `Aoi'1 GAL1 
Pinus strobus `Louie'1 GAL1 
Pinus sylvestris `Gold Medal'1 GAL1 
Pinus thunbergiana `Thunderhead'1 GAL1 
Pinus wallichiana `Zebrina'1 GAL1 
Thuja occ `Mossy'1 GAL1 
Thuja orientalis `Morgan'1 GAL1 
Thuja plicata `Whipcord'1 GAL1 
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