Miniature and Dwarf Conifers

Miniature and dwarf conifers make up the bulk of our available products. Here we give you more information about the plants, how we ship them, ways to display them and how your customers can use them.

What is a Dwarf or Miniature Conifer?

A dwarf conifer is any conifer that grows between 1-6 inches in a single year.

A miniature conifer is any conifer that grows less than 1 inch in a single year.

Shipping and Displaying for Sale

Our plants are shipped ready to sell. Simply remove from the packaging and display on your shelf. We take care to ensure that our plants arrive in ready to sell condition. Our custom packaging ensures that the decorative gravel stays on, weeds are not easily introduced and that plants and tags are not damaged in shipping.

Shipping cutaway for Dwarf and Miniature Conifers

Once you receive your plants, they are best arranged together on tables or end caps, breaking up the items slightly so your customers can read the tags and fall in love with the little guys.

How to Use

Miniature and dwarf conifers can be used in lots of fantasic ways. Below is just a small list of what people enjoy doing with these wonderful plants.

Fairy Gardens

Fairy Gardening is the fastest growing way to use dwarf and minuature conifers. Originally created by Kathryn Swenson, CEO of Gnomenculture, her Fairy Gardens are done on 1:12 scale. These gardens can be adjusted to fit any size or space and miniature conifers are a must have. It is easy to get started- pull together some small decorations like benches, homes or characters. Then add some colorful or whimsical miniature conifers and build a world with your imagination. This is a great way to engage children in gardening. Ask them to create a story to tell that will accompany the scene. It is sure to be a focal point of your customer's home garden.

Fairy Gardens

Railroad Gardens

Railroad Gardens

Railroad modelling has been a huge hobby around the world for well over 100 years. Using dwarf and miniature conifers, your customers can build an outdoor model that looks just like your hometown. Railroad Gardens can be any size- from HO Gauge train up to a ridable train for kids.

Bonsai Starts

Bonsai is the ancient art of dwarfing trees in trays. While today the word Bonsai gets used for any small tree in a pot, the true form is the development of the plant into a sculptured tree. The growth patterns of dwarf and miniatures allow artists to give the illusion of age and size. Some miniatures are used as ground covers in large scale scene plantings.


Patio Containers

Patio Container

Patio containers are typially used for flowers and other seasonal items. However, with dwarf and minature conifers the posibilities of having color and texture year round on your patio are endless. This works especially well for people with small patios or terraces. Since most containers need to be brought indoors during cold winters, it is possible to use plants that are not specific to your zone. Choose plants from warmer climates and enjoy great color and texture.


Cut from rock and later poured, these agricultural watering holes from Britain's countryside are one of horticultures best, natural looking plant container. Dwarf and miniature conifers lend themselves beautifully to this art form. A very tight, columnar dwarf conifer is always needed to give a trough height. Other miniature conifers can be added to fill in around alipine plants. Add rocks to create a miniature rock garden.

British Trough Garden

Rock Gardens

Rock Garden Display

Rock gardens are an old stand by for dwarf and miniature confiers. Build a garden around craggy rocks and boulders and then fill in with colorful plants that will not dominate the beautiful rock formations. The gardens can be built with existing rocks or rock that is brought in and hand picked by your customers. This creates an alpine setting in your own backyard.

Other Uses

People are always coming up with new ideas to utilize these plants everyday, from the methods mentioned above to home landscapes.