How to Order from Blue Mountain Nursery - Stanley Farm

We require a minimum order of 3 Boxes on our Specialty Collections. However, it is typically cheaper to order 3 or more boxes to save money on shipping costs.

Ways to Order

The quickest way to place your order is to go to our availability page Here.

Then submit your order in one of the following ways:

What to Expect

Your plants will be shipped to you in a way that allows them to be display ready at your graden center. If something has happened to the shipment please contact our office with in 5 days of recieving your order so that we can assist you in getting it taken care of.

We strive to accommodate our customers with multiple ways to order, which can make it very hard to keep a full and 100% accurate availability list. Please keep in mind that while you may see a plant on the availability list, it may no longer be available by time your order is placed.


Please call us at 503-658-1991 or use the contact us form to ask us questions.