Shipping from Stanley and Sons Nursery

Are you tired of trying to put together a whole truck or do you just need product quicker? Either way, Stanley and Sons has the right shipping solutions for you!

We can ship via UPS, Delta Airlines or Southwest Airlines, all of which will save you greatly in freight charges. See below for available shipping options.

Shipping Methods Available

Shipping boxes form stanley and sons nursery

How does the Shipping Work

If you choose any UPS or air freight shipping options, we will box up your order so that the plants are safe and will not spill during shipping. The plants depart the Nursery on Monday or Tuesday, giving them the best chance to get to you as soon as possible.

Air Freight options like Delta and Southwest Airlines allow you to get your plants overnight. This is the most inexpensive option when ordering more than 3 boxes. However, to receive your plants you will have to travel to your nearest International Airport to collect them.

Truck freight must be coordinated by the customer. Stanley and Sons Nursery will provide an estimate of the square footage that is required based upon your order.

If you would like to schedule a pickup at our Nursery, please call the office and set up a time. Our hours are listed below. Saturday pick ups can be scheduled, but are subject to the owner's availability.